I have always dabbled in arts and crafts.  I say dabbled because typically
I would learn a skill, master it to some degree and then move on to
something new.  I was always busy and enjoyed each new venture.

In 2006 I attended a fundraiser for a local non-profit.  I won a package
that included a free glass blowing session at Baron Glassworks in
Ypsilanti, Michigan.

One fall day I finally got around to scheduling the session.  I was a bit
hesitant making my first piece – a paper weight.  Everything was
glowing, hot and a bit SCARY.  When I started my second piece – an
ornament – I was beginning to feel intrigued by the process.  By the time
I began making my final piece of the session – a drinking glass – I was
almost shaking with emotion.  Everything was glowing, hot and

Glass blowing was different from anything else I had ever done.  I was
soon able to master the basic skills.  But, I learned that glass sometimes
has a mind of its own.  It often seems that molten glass is a living,
breathing being!  An artist must learn to work with the glass.  It is a
strange partnership that sometimes has very unexpected results.  I have
a compulsion to get to the studio to work.

I still “dabble” at home working with felting, quilting, fused glass and
bead work.  These mediums provide a nice, calming contrast to the
energy it takes to blow glass.  

These other mediums also provide a nice contrast at craft shows and
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